Welcome to our chef concierge services page and thank you for your interest in our services. similar to the influential role of a concierge in any big hotel where you point him for any kind of advice, so do we at studio - erez stern.
taken from the French language, concierge meant the person who's in charge of counting/holding the candles, in the castles and palaces of the aristocracy. It was the role of the servants who used to welcome guests with light in their hands (candle sticks), showing and leading the way to the guests.


nowadays the role of a concierge is to help and advise clients (mostly within hotels), sometimes solves problems, but most of all make it ease and comfort for guests. that’s why in studio – erez stern we listen closely for every need, any request or caprice. these elite concierge services we provide include a private doorman that will open any door, gate or entrance for you. He or she will join you for any mission. you can call him a butler that will take care of all your needs. so don't stop thinking about tomarrow...


studio erez stern concierge services company based in Israel aims to a niche who's dependable support in services for high net worth individuals, corporate and the diplomatic community members internationally. our concierge services enable our valued members to make best use of their time and resources, allowing business to be undertaken efficiently and private time to become more rewarding. 
our concierge personnel are top qualified. they will never rest until all of your requests are accomplished according to your highest expectations. you can order our services by phone or virtually on the net. among our services we demonstrate the following:
• dining and other activities such as best seats ticketing, restaurants reservations, tee times in golf courses, private culinary tours, picnic baskets arrangement. we organize a catering at any event or function.
• personal chef services as private chef. invisable chef services. special dietservices. in home dinner or cocktail parties.
• barbeques and outdoor events.
• we work with the best event producers, as well as different event suppliers. Master a cooking workshop and cooking workship with a personal chef.
• teaching and private chef-instructor.
• unique and special entertaining platters, such as freshly cut fruits and vegetables.
• we accept all kinds of requests for floral arrangements. Interior design solutions and of course, all architectural services.
• errand and delivery Services (dry cleaning, post office, bank, pharmacy, etc).
• shopping services (groceries and grocery stocking, gifts, gift-wrapping, item returns). alerting for special sales in relevant shops at your preference. after hours personal styling services and shopping.
• travel services (planning and booking). as you travel abroad, we'll escort you throughout all your trip with no need to wait in line. Arrange the use of house cars for a family traveling.
• we'll open for you any gate or lounge at any relevant airport.
• reservation and arrangements for any airline first or business class, or even a private jet. escorting you to your limousine or the VIP lounge at the local airport.
• accommodation at the best hotels for the best rates.
• transportation services (airport pre-arrival and departure pick-up transportation with limousine and chauffeur. rent a car or a luxury one.
• house-sitting services (house cleaning, plants and garden, fill fridge for arrival, check on teens).
• repair and maintenance services (dry cleaning, ironing, service arrangements, getting quotes, allowing access).
• horse and carriage.
• bicycle rentals and bike buggy
• physician for any wellbeing.
• fitness and exercise machine rentals as well as personal fitness trainer. Yoga or any sports instructor
• out of hours, personalized visits or tickets to museums and attractions of interest.
• clown and face painting rentals for any event. Dancing classes by a master dancer.
• child care services (chauffeuring, supervision, babysitting).
• other services (meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.)
• we specialize in business and corporate events as well as teambuilding events. product launches. products demonstration. recipes development.
• planning dinner parties and other events (invitations, food and drink, decorating, music and any kind of entertainment).
• wine, cigar and bar consolatory. barista services in your office / your site.
• executive and eorporate assistance (planning meetings, transporting clients, organizational services).
• office help such as filing, organizing, copying, faxing. writing / proofreading service. we help choosing and match marriage rings, or any other jewelery.
• tickets for cultural event all over the globe by demand. and best seats for movies and any entertainment reservations.
• choosing the perfect spa services by loction or at your site. beauty salon.
• diving lessons. water sky or any other marine sports instructors.
• relocation services (evaluating homes and rentals, moving and storge arrangement, setting-in services).
• repair and maintenance services (arranging service, getting quotes, allowing access). stylist services. shopping for elegance.
• legal and attorney solutions.
• writing / proofreading services.
• messenger services.
• other services we provide such as meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.



Pet concierge

our chef concierge services are designed for all beloved creatures and their comforts as well. So, don't leave home without your four-legged friends. at studio chef erez stern we are pet friendly with a luxurious visit planned for furry jet-setters. anywhere you decide, our chef concierge pets program will fill your best dog with gourmet treats, and see them off to sleep on a plush dog bed. We arrange:

• pet Care Service feeding, Dog-walking, grooming).

• dining menu offering irresistible gourmet treats.

• water bowl and fresh bottled water.

• toys promising hours of entertainment.

• map of the city highlighting fun outdoor dog-friendly parks



so sit back. lay your feet on our chaiselong and relax. even Eric Satie and W.A. Mozart are here for you with some calm music.


as we mentoned earlier, all our services are accompanied with a smile, with all our hearts, love and hugs and big empathy 24/7.

Call us at 972-50-5852785

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