how it works?
your spouse is celebrating her 40th birthday? need a place for a press conference? management meeting? chef erez stern is delighted to assist you at any event or occasion. just a phone call away at 972-50-5852785, you can order your event. chef stern will prepare your menu ultimately designed to your needs and requests. and then will host you in an elegant loft in southern Tel Aviv.
does chef stern takes care of everything?
sure he does. the studio is fully furnished and equipt to serve a great gourmet meal. starting from the aperitif, through gourmet dishes, beverages. the studio will provide tables, chairs, table cloth, napkins and all cutlery needed, as well as music surround.
does chef stern works all by himself?
it depends on the size of the group. starting 10 participants, a waiter is ordered to help build the function as well as assist serving clientele.
what costs a waiter, serving the group at your event?
the cost of a waiter is 450 NIS. for companies and organizations the cost can be deliverd in the invoice we write at the chaege of 650 NIS
my wife is a having a round birthday and I intend to order an event of 50 participants from chef stern. how many waiters are required?
generally, in such big occasions we count one waiter for every 10 guests. therefore in the above example there will be needed at least 5 waiters. If alcoholic beverage will be served than a bartender will be added to the staff.
does chef erez stern, works with other private chefs?
chef stern definitely does. please don’t hesitate to call him and check out the different collaborations he does with other chefs.
does chef erez stern has any solution for those who suffer allergies and food sensitivities?
chef stern offers a wide verity of menus that suits each need and every event. since menus are built after a telephone conversation describing the needs of each group, we do our best to attend with the highest specific solutions for those who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies.
what about veggies and vegetarians?
same solution is given to veggies and vegetarians. tell chef stern about your special needs (or those of any of your guest) and he will prepare a relevant menu.
what does each meal contain?
an average meal would consist 10 to 15 small courses. It means a sort of degustation menu.
is there anything additional?
yes, besides the different courses we serve a selection of breads and spreads. cold and hot drinks at the end of the meal, as well as Israeli wine of the house.
what do the desserts consist of?
we serve a selection of five to seven different componenets on a dessert plate, some of the desserts are raw, but still decadent
can i bring my own favorit wine?
of course you can. studio chef-erez stern will not charge for cork fee.

does chef erez-stern limits in time stay?
never. though most parties take 3 to 5 hours stay. which is long enough to enjoy your quality time with your beloved ones.

what kind of private events the studio is suitable?

at studio chef - erez stern we welcome any kind of private event, such as birthdays, anniversarries, small weddings, bachelorette parties, Brith, Bar Mitzva, Bat Mitzva or even sweet sixteen birthday.

what kind of business functions is the studio appropriate for?

our studio is a perfect venue for many kinds of business-like functions, such as private room for meetings, toast gatherings, press confrence, film productions, seminars, food promotions as well as product launches 

what makes erez stern so unique from other private chefs?
chef stern made his mark during his 2 years cooking studies at Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon-France, therefore his cooking is much influenced from the french cuisine. since much of his clientele are israelies, erez knows how to combine his cooking experience with his thought-full capabilities to insure full satisfaction. Include to it the positive experience of over 14 years of gourmet cooking, and you'll get a prestigious professional with a charming character as well as courteous personality, with full of knowledge in the art of the table.
why is it preferable to use the services of studio chef-erez stern rather than going out to a restaurant?
this is an obvious question! in a restaurant (as good as it may be) you go to dine well without working to prepare the food, and enjoy the atmosphere. but it may also refer to striking experience in many other reasons. Unlike many other restaurants, at studio erez stern you can find discreet, intimacy and privacy.
and what are the advantages upon other venues?
our events are designed so that people can note the "home away from home" feeling. It starts with a personal telephone conversation with chef erez stern himself. The homework we do to satisfy your degustative needs and wants. goes through a delightful welcoming while gathering. paying attention to all details during the event itself. and up to a respected farewell from each and every participant.
is there any close covered parking?
yes there is. unlike many other restaurants in busy Tel Aviv, at studio chef-erez stern the free closed parking is within the same building (on third floor while the studio itself, is located on the sixth floor).
can we manage a quite meeting?
some venues and restaurants are so noisy that it is impossible to manage a simple talk with in two companions during dinner. at studio chef-erez stern, the music is just a background. and volume depends on the amount of people invited and can be tuned by demand of the crowd itself.
can you have a discreet business meeting?
yes, we provide full discreet meetings venue. as well as a private chef to each group of clients, if needed.
do the services of studio chef-erez stern relevant for a secured personality, politicians or other top businessmen?
yes. at studio chef-erez stern you will find all three key elements relevant for those categories of VIP's: intimacy, privacy and discreet. no one will force you to leave (because of a double setting). no one will stare at you while eating or dining. sitting can be reserved namely in advance. and most of all, you'll get a personal touch throughout your stay, right from the very first incoming call.
do you choose the menu before you dine?
after each telephone conversation with clients and the home work chef erez does with each and every one of them, the chef combines a relevant menu for each group of invited people, up till the client is satisfied and confirms the menu of his event. when you think of it, going out to dine in a restaurant, menus are framed and ruled by the same menu every day, same as anyone else have.
why is studio chef-erez stern considered as best solution rather than any other venue?
you don’t want to be seen celebrating your upcoming 800 people event in bad taste places that reminds the 80's. threadbare, shabby or tattered. We sure want to give you the most exquisite designed venue like studio chef-erez stern, who touches everyone in either it's simplicity, it's views, it's retro-chic furniture along the industrial look. studio chef erez stern suits any small event and function of up to 100 invited, with upscale foods made at your order.
do the services of a private chef, suit anyone?
if you are related to the middle and upper middle classes, you appreciate quality, than there's a chance that you can really use the services of our studio for any significant happy occasion, for at least once or twice a year.
how much can that event or function cost?
a degustation menu of 10 to 15 dishes as well as selection of breads & spreads, soft & hot drinks as well as wine can maneuver between 250 to 500 NIS per or  70-150 USD per person

why the diffrence so high?
it really depends on the raw materials used to prepare your meal. as you probably know that rice and lentils dont cost as much as beef-fillet or beluga caviar.
how many people can chef erez stern feed at a time?
studio chef-erez stern charges for at least eight people. Maximum 70 people for a seat-down dinner event or up to 100 people for cocktail parties.
do all cooking done in-front of the clientele?
yes. chef stern is proud to cook in front of his clientele, but one must understand that part of "mise en place" foods are prepared in advance so that clients won't wait too long while gathering. We have no attention to starve our clients till the food is ready.
we've got an important full-family occasion, but our budget is limited. can chef erez stern apply us with his services?
definitely yes. But one must understand that when dealing with budgets lower than the one suggested above, a more limited menu would be offered. There's even a chance that chef stern would suggest a less occupied day of the week to attend his flexibility.
I want to organize my best girlfriend a bachelorette party but the girls' budget is limited. What can chef erez stern offer us?
chef erez stern has many years of rich experience with bachelorettes parties. It is not a secret that unlike other occasions, bachelorette parties are low budgeted. Here too, chef stern can offer different solutions in many ways. Always with a big respects for each need.
we have a familial occasion, but I don’t want to deal with the mess and work of hosting others at our place. can chef erez stern offer us a venue?
Definitely yes!
is the food that chef erez stern prepares is Kosher?
studio chef-erez stern does not poses any Kashrut certificate. Yet, erez collaborate with catering services and other manufacturers that work with Kashrut certificates, to provides his clientele with the appropriate Kashrut.
can studio chef-erez stern, be an appropriate answer to a business function or does it apply to private events only?
studio chef-erez stern suits both private events as well as to business functions such as seminars, board presentations, dinner functions for clients & directors from abroad, products launches, conventions, press conferences etc.
after getting a menu and price proposal by chef erez stern, does it commit me as a client?
not at all. a commitment is made only if the client confesses his satisfaction from the menu proposal and approves the conditions. at studio chef-erez stern we really like to see it as "give before you take".
does studio chef erez stern fits for romantic couples?
of course it is, though pricing will be considered as 8 participants.
is there any gift certificate for a friend or a couple?
yes there is. check out with the chef for further details
what is the most weird order you ever got?
as a private chef, I do not have much strange orders since most demands are simple and clear. most of my clients look for a private chef with a high standard for food solution. my clientele usually looks for someone who will take care of them, spoil them, treat them in an appropriate manner and one that will understand their needs.
but yet, tell us about an exceptional order you got in the past
few times in the past I got a "carte blanche" to do what ever I wanted in matter of ingredients and menu. Without setting accounts. With no budget limits. No doubt it is vary rare to find such clients but it occurs. Such an order brings with it high satisfaction level from those clients, but it is very rewording.

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