guided city tour
at studio chef – erez stern, we suggest our foreign clientele (as well as locals) to take a Bauhaus guided tour and explore Tel Aviv's (what is known as) white city Bauhaus architecture, while discovering the city's most worthy gems. we also advise you to stroll along the city's seaside promenade (named after Shlomo Lahat) and enjoy beautiful ocean side cafes. sit back, relax and view colorful sunsets. visit Jaffa's flea-market and try your bargaining skills while shopping antiques and large variety of second-hand items.
If you love arts and like to support Israeli artists, don't forget Tel aviv museums and cultural centers who are full of attractions. like the new section of Tel Avivart museum shown here.


if you are fan of diamonds and jewelry, visit Harry Oppenheimer diamonds museum - located in the center of diamonds exchange in Ramat Gan, with a fascinating virtual journey which describes the diamond's route from the depths of the earth, to its final setting in jewelry and accessories. in the meanwhile listen to Sherley Bessey singing about diamonds who are forever.

at studio chef erez – stern we love the merge of old and new. This is what makes our venue a unique location of any event for those who appreciate this merge.